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At proGIT we are constantly pushing the boundaries for research towards improved human gut health

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ProGIT Health private limited is a Startup India Recognized Biotechnology based Drug Manufacturing and Research Company with a vision to provide innovative, safe and affordable life-saving microbiome-based therapies for various gut and digestive health related infections and diseases like Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Antibiotic Mediated Gut Dysbiosis, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s disease. 

What We Do

Focus on the human Gut Health

We have an experienced, diverse and dedicated team of researchers and consultants with targeted scientific approaches towards development of alternative therapies for life threatening diseases prevalent in our society.

In addition, we are in process to develop products and formulations based on traditional herbal medicines and health supplements enhancing the overall human gut health. These formulations are expected to prevent gut related disorders in healthy subjects and provide comfort to the patients.

Why us

Why we focus on the human gut

Human gut is a dynamic and complex ecosystem consisting of trillions of microbes and other organisms like fungi and protozoa. These microbes are widely known to play a critical role in overall health and well-being of the human host by maintaining a healthy gut flora. It is also scientifically documented that any alteration in the gut microbial community structure leads to a number of adverse intestinal conditions, including but not limited to cancer, obesity and a variety of bowel disorders. At proGIT Health, our team of researchers and scientific advisors are unlocking the specific roles these microbes play in a few key gut related diseases with a vision to provide an efficient, safe and cost-effective microbiome-based therapies for curing these life-threatening diseases. Besides, we are also continuously working and are in process to design and develop inexpensive but efficient nucleic acid based diagnostic kits for various infectious microbial agents.


Key Areas of Research

Development of affordable Microbiome based therapeutics

Innovative, rapid and inexpensive diagnostic kits for early detection and confirmation of infectious agents and diseases

Development of Probiotic formulations based on Indigenous bacterial strains

Development of Prebiotic formulations for enrichment of specific health promoting bacterial strains

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Synergising global expertise to push the research in human gut health

Dr. Om Prakash Sharma

Associate Professor and Deputy Head, Symbiosis